Rotron UAV, Drone & VTOL Support Services

Rotron provides a wide range of services critical to today's UAV, Target Drone & VTOL flight missions as well as the innovation and foresight for tomorrow's challenges. We provide our customers with the experience and resources they need to keep their unmanned aircraft flying.

Working in partnership with our customers to understand their operational and organisational needs, our services are customised to provide the most cost effective through-life support.

Rotron Logistical Services


In order to ensure that optimum deployment can be obtained from our UAV engine products, a fully capable logistic support service is essential. Rotron ensure our customers stay airborne and mission ready no matter where in the world our UAV engines are operational.

Our supply and distribution network ensures our engines and components are rapidly sourced and that we provide reliable provisioning of engine components worldwide.

Our global logistics partner and distribution network ensures optimum availability and the highest efficiency to deliver a rapid response to emerging mission requirements whilst minimising operational and logistical costs.

Rotron UAV Engine Integration Services


Whether implementing a new design or deploying into an existing UAV platform, our integration services are the key to optimal Rotron technology integration solutions that support your UAV propulsion needs.

We provide thorough analysis of your capabilities and objectives, careful upfront project planning and rapid project execution. Using a combination of modelled solutions, deployment services, trained engineers and

experienced project managers, we help UAV manufacturers to focus on design, innovation and operations, while we manage the engine technology deployment from beginning to post-integration support. This speeds up the overall deployment process and significantly reduces shipping costs as well as on-site configuration time.

Rotron Technical Support Services


From day one, Rotron Technical Services (RTS) are the key to significantly reducing costs per flight hour. RTS allows our customers to benefit from valuable economies of scale and gain forward planning and budget security. Working together with our customers to understand their operational requirements and constraints, our technical services are customised to work alongside existing structures and to ensure that customers are operationally capable and mission ready at all times.

RTS ensures customers have immediate access to skilled, experienced technicians offering full engineering support. From our 24hr phone line manned with live experts to answer questions and the ability to patch customers immediately to the person best qualified to help; to experienced onsite representation by engineers that are fully conversant with all Rotron UAV engine models and able to assist with diagnostics, maintenance and testing; RTS ensures customers the ability to focus on core operations.

Bespoke UAV Engine Application Development


Rotron is able to continually push the boundaries of rotary technology whilst maintaining performance, reliability and durability, to deliver bespoke UAV propulsion systems optimised for a wide variety of operations and environments.

With our vast expert knowledge and experience of rotary engine design and manufacture, alongside our proven 'off-the-shelf' range of advanced rotary engines,

Rotron is able to rapidly design, develop and manufacture a bespoke UAV engine to meet the precise performance, characteristics and requirements of your application.