Research & Development

Research & Development

Rotron understand that the UAV propulsion market is constantly changing and evolving, that maintaining a competitive edge both within the industry and supporting mission effectiveness requires significant research and development activities.

We are constantly driving innovation in technology and performance through investment in new technologies and feedback captured from frontline operators and other experienced users. Each rotary engine we have produced has pushed boundaries and raised benchmarks, equipping us with the knowledge and expertise that has positioned Rotron at the forefront of UAV propulsion.

Our research and development program has required a blend of qualities such as ambition, drive and commitment as well as more tangible assets such as specialist engineering skills, rapid development through simulation techniques, supreme electronics expertise and a ruthless quest for performance and reliability. Lessons learned from our time in the aviation industry have helped turn our vision for the future into a reality.

A typical example of the advances in technology that Rotron are developing is the innovative Rotron Pressurised Cooling (RPC) system. The patented RPC system solves the problems historically associated with rotary engines and signifies a major breakthrough in rotary engine cooling and lubrication.

Our ambitious goals as a company can be delivered only if the right people - the best people - are involved. Not only is Rotron investing in acquiring high-end engineers, developing a purpose-built production facility and utilising the latest design and manufacturing techniques, it is also building a global network made up of the very best logistics partners.

Developing a leading edge propulsion system is only part of our investment strategy. The level of partnership and support that our customers get after they purchase our engines is just as important to us. That's why Rotron are investing time and resources to ensure customers receive support and service that is of the same, highest possible standards as the reliability and performance delivered by our engines.

Rotron has a clear and focused research, development and investment strategy based on maximising modern and emerging technologies, employing skilled and professional staff, and constantly evolving to the requirements of our customers.

Expanded Rotron RT600 Rotary Engine