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Rotron Feature in Booz Allen Hamilton White Paper

Rotron Feature in Booz Allen Hamilton White Paper


May 18 2015

As worldwide demand for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is on the rise, leading management and technology consultancy firm Booz Allen Hamilton has published a white paper on the development of rotary engines to power UAVs, highlighting the many advantages of the Rotron engine range.

Due to the rotary engine’s high power to weight ratio, its smooth operation, simplicity in design and operation, versatility in application for various aircraft and missions, and other desirable attributes, the rotary engine is an ideal candidate for fuel powered small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAV) propulsion systems.

These features, along with unprecedented scalability and modularity, could provide sUAV designers with a unique opportunity to power a wide variety of sUAV with a wide range of power requirements using a small inventory of parts. This could significantly reduce sUAV engine development costs for customers and provide industry and DoD with a variety of inexpensive and suitable propulsion systems to power a wide range of sUAVs using off the shelf propulsion technology.

The Booz Allen Hamilton white paper, written by Senior Associate Ed Greutert, explores this concept and roughly compares the number of parts required for the same strategy using a two stroke piston engine and a comparable rotary engine suite, provides an order of magnitude estimate for the development program costs, and discusses advantages and disadvantages of utilising the strategy.

Gilo Industries Group CEO Jim Edmondson met with Ed Greutert at the recent AUVSI Unmanned Systems event held in Atlanta to discuss further Rotron’s advanced rotary technology and the positive future of rotary propulsion systems in the UAV industry. 

A copy of the Booz Allen Hamilton white paper can be downloaded here

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