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Rotron Customer Performs Successful Acceptance Tests

Rotron Customer Performs Successful Acceptance Tests


June 16 2015

Rotron customer CybAero, which develops and manufactures remotely piloted helicopter systems, has successfully performed its Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) using the APID 60 autonomous helicopter with extended capability to automatically operate from ships. The systems will be used for applications such as customs control, port management and anti-smuggling operations.

CybAero completed the tests and trials for the first system which will be supplied to China Customs for operational use from the new ships. Alongside the Rotron powered APID 60, the system also includes ground control stations, landing systems supporting the capability of the helicopters to automatically take off and land on ships. This unique capability makes the system state of the art. China Customs will be the first client in the world to adopt this unique functionality.

The initial acceptance tests were successfully performed in Sweden with the Chinese shipyard that builds the ships for the end user, with the remaining tests which are not allowed to be performed in Sweden, performed on site in China.

The first system will now be shipped to the client where final integration with the ship and additional final tests will be performed. The remaining two systems will be shipped shortly afterward.

“Rotron would like to congratulate CybAero on reaching this important milestone,” comments Rotron CEO Jim Edmondson. “We are extremely pleased with how our engines performed during the test and is testament to our close working relationship with CybAero. We look forward to supporting the team during the remaining integration and system delivery.”