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Bespoke Engine Services

With today's ever increasing mission-critical operations, operators in the field expect more from their UAV platforms. For manufacturers, when developing a UAV platform the correct 'off-the-shelf' engine is not always available to meet those demands.

At Rotron we seek to exceed these expectations by offering a multiplicity of individually tailored propulsion packages to meet the most demanding wishes of manufacturers and operators who choose not to order from the standard menu.

Rotron's depth of research and development goes far beyond increasing performance; when our engineers design a single component, they always do so with the goal of improving function, weight and reliability. Almost every improvement involves modifying or developing other components. The result of this chain reaction is a high-performance, lightweight rotary engine that continues to push the boundaries and offers greater flexibility in fuel and payload configuration and ensuring true multi-mission capability.

Rotron Tri-Rotor Rotary Engine



  • Experts in high-performance rotary engine design and technology that gives Rotron both the knowledge and the capabilities to deliver genuine innovation across diverse platforms.
  • High-performance design capabilities backed up by highly versatile and widely capable manufacturing and production facilities including customised testing solutions.
  • Greater design flexibility and rapid fabrication capability, with the ability to run quickly through multiple design iterations to achieve optimum functionality and performance.
  • Full turnkey project control through concept, technical evaluation, design, manufacture, installation and product commissioning, backed up with long term support.
  • Advanced quality control and assurance, measuring performance against the criteria demanded by internationally recognised AS9100 certifications.
  • An established, proven and well documented success in delivering quality driven projects across multiple platforms, on-time and on-budget.

To date, Rotron has completed and delivered one-off bespoke demonstration propulsion systems and engines for Universities, Aviation Corporations and Governments worldwide, as well as small and large batch designs.

Whether the project requires a uniquely modified 'off-the-shelf' engine or a completely new bespoke engine, our customers have found that the results exceed the perceived return on investment.



To date, Rotron has completed and delivered one-off bespoke operational and demonstration propulsion systems and engines for Aviation Corporations, Governments and Universities worldwide, as well as small and large batch designs.

Whether the project requires a uniquely modified 'off-the-shelf' engine or a completely new bespoke engine, our customers have found that the results exceed the perceived return on investment.

Rotron Bespoke MALE VTOL Rotary Engine


To meet the challenges of extreme operating environments and payload flexibility, Rotron designed and developed new engine architecture for a Medium Altitude, Long Endurance (MALE) VTOL platform. The project is a demonstration of Rotron's ability to adapt its existing off-the-shelf engine to deliver exact performance criteria to meet the customer's operational requirement.

This bespoke propulsion system is predominantly modelled around the Rotron RT600, but with our knowledge of combustion, engine design, calibration and production we have been able to develop specialist engine components unique to our customer’s application, alongside a specialised exhaust cooling system. Rotron has optimised the use of these technologies to deliver improved horsepower performance and increased fuel efficiency. The completed propulsion system weighs in at 28.2kg, produces a peak of 64hp and successfully completed a FAR33 endurance test.

Rotron Bespoke HALE UAV Rotary Engine


By combining our core competencies in design, manufacture and integration and working closely with customers we can deliver whole, concept to manufacture, engine programmes. Rotron has undertaken a programme to design and integrate a complete bespoke heavy fuel propulsion package specifically for a High Altitude, Long Endurance (HALE) fixed wing UAV platform.

Rotron developed a concept tri-rotor engine capable of delivering 200hp. The power-dense engine has been uniquely design, configured and tested to produce an improved thermodynamic cycle and an engine architecture optimised for performance and fuel efficiency. The engine is multi-fuel capable with the majority of running carried out with JP8 heavy fuel. The completed propulsion system weighs in at 350kg.

Rotron Bespoke Marine Rotary Engine

CASE STUDY :: Marine Engine

Salt or fresh, water is tough on engines. Rotron are specialists in developing rotary propulsion systems for some of the most extreme operating environments and understand the specific challenges of these intense settings.

True corrosion protection begins with our use of high purity aluminium alloy with extremely low levels of copper – a metal highly susceptible to corrosion – that offers high tensile strength and maximum corrosion resistance. Key engine components receive a conversion coating treatment to create a further corrosion-resistant barrier before paint is applied, while exposed ancillaries receive an electro-chemical hardcoat anodizing treatment. Electro Deposition Paint primer is added to the engine components to create a continuous organic film that seals out the environment, providing total protection by covering recesses, minute holes and other areas inaccessible to conventional primer applications. Finally, a chemically bonded surface guard is added. This extremely stable layer prevents salt and chemical laden moisture from penetrating to the metal underneath and corroding from the inside out.

Additional built-in corrosion features, including a closed-cooling system and efficient engine seals, which locks out saltwater from the block, and widespread use of stainless steel parts impervious to saltwater corrosion, contribute to a corrosion protection system which is the toughest and most complete corrosion-resistant technology on the water.