Company Overview

Rotron Power

Established in 2008, Rotron Power Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of advanced rotary engines for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) applications and is at the forefront of aviation technology.

At the heart of Rotron is our dedicated, highly skilled workforce. Energised by a common determination to design, develop and manufacture the next step in UAV propulsion systems, Rotron employs a diverse team comprising of young innovative thinkers and the most experienced talents in the business. Together our exceptional group combine advanced engineering knowledge, traditional skills and the desire and determination to continually produce market leading products.

With increased range capabilities, improved operational performance and multi-mission capability, Rotron offers an outstanding operational solution for selected customers worldwide and is viewed as one of the most promising UAV powerplants because of its high power density, low weight, compact size and higher endurance lifecycles with reduced maintenance and logistical requirements.


Rotron believes that forging a strong strategic partnership is an important driver in the company's organisational development and market growth. The partnerships we build show our commitment to accelerating our business and driving value for end user applications.

For over 60 years, Martin-Baker has been the world leader in the design and manufacture of ejection seats. As pioneers in their field with over 7,000 aircrew lives saved, and supplier to over 70% of the Western world's air forces, Martin-Baker represents the pinnacle of British engineering.


Rotron have built a strategic partnership combining Martin-Baker's knowledge of design, testing, and materials with Rotron's vast experience and innovation in rotary engineering.

The alliance has produced a unique rotary engine technology that offers a true alternative to existing, incumbent UAV propulsion systems and at a quality and standard that embodies all that is meant by 'Made in Britain'.

Northwest UAV

Rotron's focus, determination and commitment to the development of advanced rotary UAV engines and providing our customers with the best possible solution is reflected in the companies we work with, many of which are recognised as being leaders in their field.

Northwest UAV Propulsion Systems, established in 2005 by president and owner Chris Harris, is a leading technology company that designs and builds UAV engines, UAV control systems, and support systems for unmanned air, land and sea vehicles.


Through our strategic partnership, NWUAV are a major contributor in helping us build multi-tier relationships with clients within the United States as well as providing a distribution network for Rotron UAV engine technologies for all three armed services in that region.

NWUAV also provide Rotron access to a variety of sophisticated research, development, testing, and manufacturing capabilities that help us deliver UAV rotary engines that are at the cutting edge of innovation.